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Friday, 20 April 2018 15:01

Chilean kiwifruits branded Sweeki is leaving Santiago towards Far East markets

Thanks to David Del Curto S.A., historical Chilean company partner of Origine Group, Sweeki will be present all-year-round on the international markets, especially in the Asian ones.
The first containers are leaving Santiago and will reach the Far East destinations in the coming weeks. Origine plans to sell at least 60 containers of Chilean kiwi this season. The all-year-round presence of Sweeki on the market is considered crucial by Origine Group in order to satisfy customers who are already buying the Italian kiwi.
In general, the present season of Chilean kiwi looks similar to the last year one in quantity, but with bigger sizes and a slightly later harvesting. The majority of the production is green kiwi, mainly Hayward, with high quality.