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2 kiwifruits
1 orange
50 ml of dry sparkling wine
30 ml of gin



Place a glass in the freezer so that it will be ice-cold when needed. Place the sparkling wine in the fridge and in the meanwhile peel and dice the kiwifruits. Wash the orange and remove some of its rind with a lemon zester.

Squeeze the orange and collect its juice in a bowl, then filter and pour the juice in a mixer with the diced kiwifruit and the gin, blend for 3 minutes at medium speed.

Pour the mixture in the glass and complete the cocktail adding the ice-cold sparkling wine. Garnish with orange rind strips and serve immediately.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 17:45

Cocktail with kiwifruit and sparkling wine

Today we suggest you a simple and very cheap cocktail made with kiwifruit and sparkling wine.
It can be perfectly served both as an aperitif and after dinner.